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Spray paint can holder


If you get tired of holding that button while painting. Or if you get tired of the cheap plastic spray paint can holders that allows the can to constantly fall off. Or the ones that break after only a week or two of usage, well this product is for you. It is a heavy duty welded steel paint can holder that allows for easy pressing of the button, and will never let your can fall. The can is held in place by a powerful spring grip clamp that will hold full cans of paint in any position without fear of falling. Yet it allows for quick changing of the cans without tools, or fumbling with any clamps. It's light weight construction allows for easy one hand operation. A gentle squeeze on the trigger give you a nice full flow of paint for a professional finish every time. And you can forget about it ever breaking, because as I stated, it is made totally of welded steel. We are so sure it will never break that it comes with a life time warranty. If this spray paint can holder ever breaks we will replace it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! So if you replace one of those cheap plastic spray paint can holders every two weeks, you do not have to be a mathematician to figure out what a great value this is. Will work on 95% of the spray paint cans on the market . Made with pride in the USA.