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6' Picnic table kit


Commercial grade 6' picnic table kit. This kit includes the steel frame, wheels, and all the bolts needed for your table.) The wood is not included in this kit. This frame is made of industrial strength 1 1/2" square steel tubing. The main frame is welded together. The section where the bench is attached is bolted to the main frame. This table is made so that it can be easily moved for the purpose of mowing. In fact, if you are on a riding mower, you do not even have to get off the mower to move the table. You can simply push the table with the mower. The table is mounted on four 10" pneumatic rubber wheels. These wheels allow for easy movement of the table. If you have moved wooden tables before, you know that it takes two strong men to do so. This table can easily be moved by a 5 year old girl. Yet, the heavy duty steel construction will last a lifetime. We recommend that you buy decking wood for the table top. and a 2 x 12 for the seats. You can buy the wood in 12' lengths at lowes or Home Depot, and they will cut it in half at no charge. Then simply follow the detail instructions included in your kit. The instructions include a template that shows exactly where to drill the holes in the wood. This will be the perfect summer project for the do it your selfers. Once your done, you will not only have a table that you can be very proud of, but a table that will last a lifetime.